FMA 4-Channel Co-Pilot II Flight Stabilization System w/Programmer

FMA 4-Channel Co-Pilot II Flight Stabilization System w/Programmer
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FMA 4-Channel Co-Pilot II Flight Stabilization System w/Programmer

The NEW Co Pilot II system represents the culmination of years of technological development and manufacturing knowledge in commercial flight stabilization.  FMA's patented Infrared thermo-technology for semi-autonomous control of R/C model aircraft has an outstanding reputation, with ten's of thousands of units sold.  Adding an additional level of safety to model aircraft of all types, the time-proven concept has enabled pilots from all over the world to fly with confidence, learn new aerobatic manuevers, protect their investment in case of electronic or mechanical failure, and assist modelers of all experience and skill levels to just feel more confident when flying.

The CPII is far more than a simple wing leveling device.  Yes, it will bring your aircraft to straight and level flight from any attitude simply by centering the control sticks, but the new system includes features and enhancements that go far beyond its predecessors.  Fueled by the amazing new IRNet (Infrared network) for wire-free control of on-board avionics, setup has never been simpler.  Just point the the wireless IRNet programmer at the aircraft, access the main menu option "Quick Setup" and Co Pilot II's advanced computer system walks you through a series of simple questions pertaining to how you have chosen to install the various components such as main sensor, vertical sensor, as well as how you have chosen to configure remote ON/OFF functions and new Flight Modes.  Yes, the CPII includes all new 3D modes that can easily and safely enable you to learn or practice new maneuvers like inverted flight, knife edge, or vertical hover, all at the flip of a switch.  If the aircraft falls out of the intended attitude, Co Pilot II knows it.  It will de-activate the 3D mode, and activate level flight mode or Co Pilot OFF, whichever you have chosen.

The new smaller and lighter digital sensors and computer modules also allow for installation across a wide number of platforms.  The system supports any conceivable aircraft configurations from airplanes, to heli's, to VTOL; any aircraft which require no more than 4 channels to operate pitch and roll.  This includes support for split or differential ailerons, flapperons, all forms of CCPM helicopters and more!

Includes the vertical sensor which will allow automatic and continuous, in-flight weather calibration, the added intelligence of having the aircraft always recover from inverted flight to level flight by rolling the aircraft, and access to all 3D flight modes. 

CPII Computer Module (LxWxH): 44.55 x 28.32 x 11.68mm
CPII Main Sensor (LxWxH): 24.51 x 24.51 x 9.14mm
CPII Vertical Sensor (LxWxH): 24.51 x 17.80 x 9.14mm
IRNet Router (LxWxH): 30.60 x 25.52 x 13.51mm (not includ

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