1:70 Scale RC Tiger Tank (RTR)

1:70 Scale RC Tiger Tank (RTR)
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1:70 Scale RC Tiger Tank (RTR)

1:70 Scale RC Tiger Tank

The Tiger was one of the most feared tanks of WW2 due to its heavy armour and 88mm gun, its reputation has made the Tiger an icon, and this 1:70 scale tank is a worthy miniature model, as well as being packed with features and fun to own.

The included infra red controller, which also charges your tanks built in battery via the included charge lead, gives you forward/backward, left/right control and also controls the safe infra red "cannon". Buy 2 tanks and battle it out with your friends, using the infra red cannon you can temporarily disable the opposing tank with 5 hits! The engine and cannon sounds plus included combat diaorama accesories add to the realism of your battle! Poweful micro motors and rubber tracks ensure great performance.

Specifications (tank):
84mm x 53mm (118mm long inc gun)
Weight: 70g

Tiger Battle Tank
Infra Red RC Controller
Tank Charge Lead
Assorted Scale Diorama Accessories

6 x AA Batteries

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