Corona SB-2038 S.Bus Park Digital MG Servo 4.6kg/22g/0.014sec

Corona SB-2038 S.Bus Park Digital MG Servo 4.6kg/22g/0.014sec
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Corona SB-2038 S.Bus Park Digital MG Servo 4.6kg/22g/0.014sec

Corona S.Bus digital servo's are up there with the best that are on the market today at a price that is very affordable, high resolution and accurate centering are just two of the many features they have.

• S.Bus compatible
• High resolution
• The tightest deadband
• Accurate positioning and centering
• Faster control response
• Quicker acceleration
• Constant torque throughout the servos travel
• Increased holding power when stationary
• High precision potentiometer

Model: SB-2038
Voltage: 4.8/6v
Speed: 0.15/0.14sec 60°
Torque: 4.0/
Current Draw: 300/400mA
Dead Band Width: iÜ3usec
Travel: 40°/one side pulse travelling
Bearing: MR106
Gears: Metal
Servo Wire length: 215mm
Operating Temp: -20/+60°C
Weight: 22g
Dimensions: 29 x 13 x 30mm

What is S.BUS?
Different from conventional radio control systems the
S.BUS system uses data communication to transmit control signals from a receiver to a servo, gyro, or other S.BUS compatible device. This data includes commands such as “move the channel 3 servo to 15
degrees, move the channel 5 servo to 30 degrees” to multiple devices. The S.BUS devices execute only those commands for their own set channel. For this reason, it can be used by connecting multiple servos to the same signal line.

[Operation by conventional radio control]
An S.BUS servo connected to a conventional receiver operates as a conventional servo.

PRODUCT ID: 014000030

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