Fly Baby Scale Airplane EPO 1400mm (PNF)

Fly Baby Scale Airplane EPO 1400mm (PNF)
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Fly Baby Scale Airplane EPO 1400mm (PNF)

The Fly Baby is a homebuilt, single-seat, open-cockpit, wood and fabric low-wing monoplane that was designed by famed United States aircraft designer Peter M. Bowers. It is by all accounts one of the simplest homebuilt airplane designs and has proven to be a very reliable and economical aircraft to own. Its low maintenance costs and fuel economy make it a favorite amongst many home builders and enthusiasts.

Just like the full-size, our 1400mm Fly Baby is simple to build, great to look at, economical to own and a real joy to fly. With features such as the molded plastic engine cylinders and cowl, the scale undercarriage with large shock-absorbing tires, detailed single seat cockpit, large wooden propeller and sprung rigging wire, this model really looks the part!

The airframe is constructed from ultra-durable EPO foam with carbon fiber spars in both the wing and horizontal stab. This makes for a very rigid and strong airframe. The aileron control rods are ball-linked offering precise control and easy adjustment. The steerable tail wheel is sprung which offers shock absorption and excellent ground handling.

Being "Plug and Fly", the servos and power system are all pre-installed. The servos are digital with metal gears, while the 4S brushless power system provides great performance and flight times. You will simply need to add your own lipoly battery and radio system.

The Fly Baby can be ready to fly within 15 minutes of opening the box thanks to its clever design. The wing simply bolts on as well as the undercarriage and tail assembly. The rigging wire are pre-made and simply require clipping in place.

• "Plug and Fly", simply add your own radio system and battery
• High level of scale detail
• 4S brushless power system pre-installed
• Metal gear digital servos (4 x 9g)
• Ball-linked aileron pushrods
• Pre-made sprung rigging wire
• Scale undercarriage with large wheels/tires
• Removable canopy with easy-access latching system

Wingspan: 1400mm
Length: 968mm
Flying Weight: 1650g
Motor: BL3720 800KV

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