Escape - Sport Aerobatic/Low Wing Trainer, balsa, glow/EP 1580mm (ARF)

Escape - Sport Aerobatic/Low Wing Trainer, balsa, glow/EP 1580mm (ARF)
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Escape - Sport Aerobatic/Low Wing Trainer, balsa, glow/EP 1580mm (ARF)

The Escape is the perfect follow on model from a high wing trainer, ideal for novice RC pilots wanting to explore aerobatics or experienced RC pilots looking for a solid, dependable real world sport plane, the Escape is also one of those great models that can handle real world conditions and real world club airfields with ease, it is the perfect "club field" size model.
The Escape is all about predictable flight characteristics and aerobatics as well as versatility, practicality and durability. The supplied hardware is nice quality and comprehensive, it includes heavy duty alloy horns & clevis, alloy wheels with rubber tyres, alloy spinner, fuel tank/engine mount, EP motor mount, etc. With "real world" sport models, practicality is of course important, the Escape features a 2pc plug in wing for easy transportation and field assembly, an easy access battery hatch and of course a robust steerable nose wheel.
As well as being practical and robust, it is also important of course that sport models are fun and the Escape certainly ticks the fun box! Good aerobatic performance & solid, predictable flight characteristics is what good sport/low wing trainers are all about, the Escape offers a wide flight envelope suiting novice and experienced pilots alike, it is no wonder that so many club pilots go back to low wing sport models year in, year out, when it comes to bang for buck, nothing matches a good all-round sport model!
Generous Wing Area/Low Wing Loading
Robust yet light Balsa/Ply Construction

Strong Tricycle Under-Carriage with Steerable Nosewheel
Comprehensive Harware Kit Included
Expertly Pre-Covered, glossy & Easy Clean Covering
Bright Scheme that is Good for Orientation
Simple and Fast Build ARF
Cheap to Build
Practical All Rounder for Pilots of all Ability
Perfect 1st Sport/Aerobatic Model
Wingspan: 1580mm
Length: 1270mm
Wing Area: 44dm2
Weight: 2200g~2400g
Your Own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
0.46~0.52 Glow Engine
42mm Brushless Outrunner Motor (EP Version)
60A~80A Brushless Outrunner Motor (EP Ver

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