BD-5 Fiberglass Sport 90mm Jet w/Flaps 1200mm (ARF)

BD-5 Fiberglass Sport 90mm Jet w/Flaps 1200mm (ARF)
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BD-5 Fiberglass Sport 90mm Jet w/Flaps 1200mm (ARF)

This great looking and large scale BD-5 offers you a sport jet with a difference! It is large enough to have presence in spades and offers a pretty simplistic build due to it's low parts count.

The huge fuselage is FG with extensive ply reinforcing, the wings, horizontal stab and elevator are balsa, like most composite jets, the wing is not removable. The massive canopy is ideal for battery and fan access and the BD-5 can be easily converted from the included fixed gear to retracts, especially as the main wheel wells are already in place. The BD-5 features flaps, ideal given it's stubby wings and also includes a full hardware kit. No fan unit is included, making the BD-5 perfect for your favourite set up, especially as fan installation is very straightforward.

BD-5's make for great sport models, fast, aerobatic and totally different from the norm, especially when they are as large as this one! This great looking BD-5 just has fun written all over it, flying large scale, high performance, aerobatic sport jets is a fantastic experience that is un-affordable for many RC pilots, this great looking BD-5 just made it affordable!

Large Scale
Light Weight Kit
Pre-Fitted Flaps
Massive Canopy
Easy Retract Conversion
Can Accept Almost Any 90mm Fan
Huge Battery Area
Low Parts Count
Horizontal Stabs Mounted On CF Tube
Wing Mounted on Alloy & CF Tube

All Hardware
PET Eflux Tubing Sheet
Fixed U/C with Wheels
Servo Covers

Winspan: 1200mm
Length: 1100mm
Flying Weight: 3000g ~ 4000g
Wing Area:  21.7dm2
Wing Loading: 138.2g/dm2 ~ 184.3g/dm2

Your Own 5~6 Channel TX/RX
90mm EDF
36mm ~39mm EDF Motor
80A ~ 120A ESC
1 x Standard Servo, 6 x 12g~16g MG High Torque Mini/Park or Low Profile Wing Servo
4000mAh~5000mAh 6s~8s

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