Birdie 110A Brushless ESC (3A / 5V)

Birdie 110A Brushless ESC (3A / 5V)
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Birdie 110A Brushless ESC (3A / 5V)

The Birdie range of ESCs are.. well.. CHEEP! CHEEP!

No frills (or feathers) here, just great value for money! Each and every Birdie ESC is QC checked by Hobbyking and placed under a 2 minute load test ensuring your Birdie will be ready to fly!

If your looking for an ESC with basic features and reliability at a bargain price you better bag a Birdie before they all fly the coop!

Weight: 93g
Size: 74x40x21mm
Cells: 2-6S
Max Current: 110A
Burst Current: 115A
BEC: 3A / 5V
Timing:1º/7º/15º/30º programmable
PWM: 8/16K

Programming Options
Cell Type: NiMH/NiCD/Lipoly
Cell Count: 2s~6S
Throttle Setting: Auto/Hard/Soft
Brake: No Brake/Soft/Medium/Hard
Direction: Clockwise/Counter Clockwise
Cut off: Soft/Hard
Timing: 1º/7º/15º/30º
PWM: 8Khz/16khz

A Manual can be downloaded under the files tab for stick input programming.

Максимальный ток (А) 110

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