'I Am The King' HobbyKing T-Shirt (X-Large) - Refund Offer

'I Am The King' HobbyKing T-Shirt (X-Large) - Refund Offer
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'I Am The King' HobbyKing T-Shirt (X-Large) - Refund Offer

Impress your friends and win the affections of the opposite sex by announcing that they are in the presence of hobby royalty!

By wearing this shirt you are showing you are a man (or woman) of the people. A hobby customer committed to obtaining their hobby wares at reasonable prices and also believes in the opportunities that affordable products present in getting new people into this fine hobby.

Better yet, wear this shirt at your club or at an RC event and we'll refund the cost of the shirt in bonus points. So basically a FREE t-shirt!

High quality pre-shrunk shirt with a high quality screen print, this shirt is designed to last.
Available in M, L & XL sizes.

*Note: There will be a submission form for the refund on your account page after you have received your order. Photographic proof will be required.

PRODUCT ID: 9231000003-0

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