Lipoly Charge Bag 14 x 23 cm (EU warehouse)

Lipoly Charge Bag 14 x 23 cm (EU warehouse)
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Lipoly Charge Bag 14 x 23 cm (EU warehouse)

Although uncommon, lipoly fires are a reality and a danger. Lipoly batteries should always be charged in a lipoly safe bag in an open area with good ventilation. Only charge lipoly batteries on a none flammable surface and away from potentially flammable objects. Never leave your batteries unattended while charging, even when using a Lipoly charge bag.

Crafted from a fiberglass and silicon composite and stitched with nomex fire resistant thread, these bags will assist in containing a Lipoly fire and help limit the damage caused to surroundting objects.

This pack is the small size. It is 14x23cm. It will fit four 1300mah 3S1P packs comfortably.

PRODUCT ID: 386000001

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