Hobbyking Cell Meter 8 - Lipoly Battery Checker (EU warehouse)

Hobbyking Cell Meter 8 - Lipoly Battery Checker (EU warehouse)
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Hobbyking Cell Meter 8 - Lipoly Battery Checker (EU warehouse)

The Hobbyking Cell meter 8 is an essential piece of equipment any hobbyist using Lipoly batteries should own. The Cellmeter 8 will help you to quickly diagnose the health of your pack with an easy to read LCD screen, this unit works with any Lipoly pack from 2s~8s.

This indispensible tool gives you the following information in a logical and easy to follow pattern with a simple push of a button.

Screen 1 - Cell count, total voltage, remaining capacity.
Screen 2 - Number of cells in series, cell balance guage and cell voltage differential.
Screen 3 - Highest cell voltage and lowest cell voltage + voltage differential.

In addition, Cell meter 8 will also show individual cell voltages at the push of a button and features warning functions, with an audible alarm & red flashing LED, in addition to the LCD screen warning, which include warnings for Too Low cell voltage When any cell is 3.20v or under , Too High cell Voltage when any cell is higher than 4.20v & unbalanced when any individual cell is 0.8v higher or lower than other cells.

Dimensions: 134mmx40mmx26mm
Weight: 84g

PRODUCT ID: HK-Cellmeter8

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