TowerPro BM2410-08T / 18A BEC / 9x6 Prop Combo

TowerPro BM2410-08T / 18A BEC / 9x6 Prop Combo
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TowerPro BM2410-08T / 18A BEC / 9x6 Prop Combo

TP Motor/ESC/Prop Combo first started selling towerpro bell motors in 2004 and has always stood behind the products with warranty and replacements for 6 years!
You wont find a better quality economical combo package than the Towerpro combos. Minus the fancy packaging and pretty colours, Towerpro combos deliver the performance you need without the Hype.

TP BM2410-08T / 18A BEC / 9x6 Prop Combo
This is the most popular combo for GWS foamies and other small planes.

Motor: BM2410-08T
For motor Spec, please click below;

Current: 18-25A
BEC 3S Lipo
Size: 43x38x10mm / 20grams

Propeller: 9x6 Slow Fly

Towerpro combos are great for GWS upgrades.

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